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An interviewer asked, “If you could have dinner with one person from today or history (except Jesus) who would it be? Why?”

My response: Friends, with whom you can share everything, are rare. Peggy Darty was that kind of friend. We connected from the time we met at a writers conference, could be apart for a couple years, then pick right up again. A few years ago she began to struggle with cancer, couldn’t write, then passed away. My tribute to her is in the acknowledgements of my novel, Hearts that Survive—A Novel of the Titanic. Because of her, that book which I consider my best, and the miracle of it, happened. But better than that, she was a friend, and I’d love to see and talk with her again. I will!

Hearts that Survive—A Novel of the Titanic

Is Love More Powerful Than the Pain of Loss?

Lydia Beaumont and her new friend Caroline Chadwick plan Lydia’s wedding aboard the “grandest ship ever built.” Yet their lives take a tragic turn when the “unsinkable” Titanic goes down.Hearts that Survive

This epic tale of faith and perseverance follows their lives and the lives of their descendants as they struggle with all that was lost on that fateful night and wEndorsements:hat the future holds for those brave enough to face it.

“In the tradition of Maeve Binchy, Yvonne Lehman brings history to life in Hearts That Survive—both the chilling account of the sinking of the Titanic—and the visceral, tender realities of how life did go on and love conquered, survived, and thrived. A wonderful read!”

—Deborah Raney, Author of the Hanover Falls Novels and Beneath a Southern Sky

“Yvonne Lehman has succeeded in penning the finest book of her career. It’s not often a novel steps forward to claim the title of epic. Hearts That Survive goes beyond the page into the hearts of the reader. I experienced every defeat and every victory, and I longed for more after the last page.”

—DiAnn Mills, author of Attracted to Fire

WHY? Titanic Moments

The most common question I’m asked when signing Hearts that Survive is, “Why did you write this book?” I’ve discovered other Titanic authors are asked the same.

Authors’ articles in the WHY? book explain their involvement and interest. Included are stories from the owners of the Titanic Museums in Pigeon Forge TN and Branson MO; Capt. Smith’s impersonator who descended 2 1/2 miles to the bottom of the ocean to see the wrecked ship; owners of displays and exhibits; leaders of Titanic groups who meet periodically; why there are display throughout the US and other countries; why descendants of Titanic survivors and victims wrote their books; why novelists are fascinated with the subject; and why the Titanic should be remembered.


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