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That’s what I thought since my love was novel writing, although I had published a few articles, short stories, devotions and blogs about things of interest to me. But one evening after classes at the May Blue Ridge Conference, several of us sat around talking. Cindy Sproles told about God showing up in a miraculous, unexpected way. I told of God showing up in the Ladies Room at the Presbyterian Church for my experience. Others chimed in. I said, “Someone should put these stories in a book.”

Two months later Terri Kalfas of Grace Publishing contacted me to say, “I’m interested in that book you talked about.”

What? I didn’t mean…ME! But I contacted some of the story tellers, they told others, and soon the stories poured in. Terri suggested a Christmas Moments book. Okay, Christmas is a good time for this kind of book. They are great gifts!

Then, my daughter was asked to teach an adult Sunday school class. The first lesson was on God’s Word, and the importance of words. Since I deal in “words” she asked me to help. Class members told of experiences when words hurt or helped. My daughter looked at me and said, “Mom, that’s your next book: Spoken Moments.”

I hadn’t planned on a next non-fiction book. But accounts of these stories being life-changing began to come in. People were using them as devotions, giving them as presents. So a call-out was given for additional articles and they poured in. Since the authors of the first book knew they would not get payment but the royalties would go to Samaritan’s Purse, we continued that plan. Suggestions for new book topics keep coming. Now…I love working with these authors and their stories.

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Divine Moments Series

If you have a story to tell, Divine Moments might be the place for your article whether you’re unpublished or a multi-published writer

What I am accepting now!

  • Merry Christmas Moments for 2017  – happy, sad, childhood, adult, experience, observations, etc. – anything about Christmas – may be faith-based, may be about Santa
  • Cool-nary Moments for 2018 – Culinary mishaps & recipes – interesting cooking stories
  • Romantic Moments – dating, marriage, weddings, falling in love, first love, second love, brides, bridesmaids, grooms, flowers, anniversaries – anything about Romance
  • Questionable Moments – Experiences that result from your feeling God/Jesus brought a biblical question to your mind/life, such as “Where are you?” “Do you love me?” “Do you want to be healed?” “Do you believe?” Or an experience or realization that relates to questions in the Bible, to which you have an answer.
  • Personal Titanic Moments – Times of grandeur, or disaster, floating, uncertainty, cowardice, nobility, final moments, cry for help, broken in two, great expectations, etc.
  • Broken Moments – times of brokenness, your own story or your observation of someone else’s, and how faith or a positive result helped or healed the brokenness. May be a broken toy, broken arm (that’s mine!), broken relationships with people or God, or your thoughts on brokenness.

The Moments series books have presented the opportunity for many writers to be published for the first time. Some of the true stories are also written by multi-published authors.

The writers are delighted to get no payment, but do get a discount on orders, and all royalties are donated to Samaritan’s Purse, a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world.

Stories may be short or long (some have even written poems and a few wrote short fiction stories that corresponded with the theme). If you wish to submit please attach your article to an email to, Times New Roman, single spaced, 12 point type, and be sure to put your mailing address (for free copy), your short bio, and email address on the article.

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