White Dove Romances



Natalie Ainsworth is elated when she learns that Scott Lambert might ask her to the prom. But she wonders why someone as popular as Scott would pursue an ordinary high-school junior like her when he can have the pick of any girl he chooses.





Scott Lambert is the kind of guy every girl dreams of dating: good looking, popular, and fabulously rich. But Scott is tormented by a family secret he doesn’t want anyone to discover especially not Natalie Ainsworth, the pretty high-school junior he is just getting to know. Scott is convinced a great girl like Natalie could never understand what it’s like to have an alcoholic mother



Mirror of DreamsMIRROR OF DREAMS

Katlyn Chander felt her life came to a terrifying halt the night a devastating accident crushed her legs and confined her to a hospital bed. The pretty sixteen-year-old regains consciousness to learn she might never walk again. Convinced her life is over, Katlyn and her father file charges against Zac Lambert, the drunk driver responsible for the accident. But even the sight of Zac behind bars might not be enough to still the storm in Katlyn’s heart-

Zac Lambert thought he had everything going for him money, brains, and a smooth road into medical school until his sleek Corvette pinned Katlyn Chander to a storefront. Now the college sophomore has to face up to the fact his drinking and driving may cost Katlyn her legs-if not her life. With no choice but to accept the consequences, even if it means prison time, Zac struggles to put on a brave face. But can he survive Katlyn’s father’s desire for revenge?

One terrible moment has changes their lives forever-


Cissy Stiles sat aside her modeling career after a tornado turned her life and priorities upside down. She never dreamed she would end up a finalist in Top Ten’s elite Dream Teen Model Search only months later. The unexpected invitation leads the nineteen-year-old to New York City and a once-in-a-lifetime event full of the glamour and glitz the Big Apple is known for. But then a freak accident jeopardizes Cissy’s chances of winning, and she realizes her hopes for a modeling career may be dead forever-

Antonio Carlo is no stranger to life in the limelight of the fashion world, with its bright lights and flashing cameras. As son of the famed owners of the prestigious Top Ten Agency, Antonio often finds himself playing host to the agency’s beautiful clients, including would-be model Cissy Stiles. Unfortunately for the handsome Antonio, his first run-in with Cissy leaves him in big trouble and her wanting to be anywhere but near him!

Miles from home, on a collision course with love.

A FIGHTING  CHANCE A Fighting Chance

Ruthie Ryan’s relationship with her steady, Sean, takes a dangerous turn when he angrily shoves her out of his car one night. Confused by his abusive behavior, Ruthie longs to turn to her best friend, Natalie Ainsworth, for advice but Natalie is in New York, and Ruthie is too embarrassed to talk to anyone else. What if she is making a big deal out of nothing? But as Sean grows increasingly unpredictable even dangerous Ruthie realizes she has to break up with him. Will he let her get away?

Sean Jackson feels like his life is whirling out of control. His parents are divorcing, money is tight, and his friends from the youth group can’t relate. Ruthie is the only one he can depend on but the long hours he spends at his job make it tough for them to get together, and the times they do have never seem to go the way Sean wants. Why can’t Ruthie appreciate what he’s going through? Does she have something to hide?

Will anything ease the heartache?


Natalie Ainsworth is swept into a nightmare when an escaped convict kidnaps her and forces her to drive at gunpoint into the fiercely stormy night and away from Garden City. Frozen with fear and blinded by driving rain, Natalie obeys the young man’s order, terrified to think of what might happen if she refuses. But as rising floodwaters close in around them, Natalie’s chances of surviving the night grow ever slimmer and her greatest threat may prove far more dangerous than her abductor.

Henry Miller meticulously considered every detail when he planned his escape from prison, but he hadn’t factored in Natalie Ainsworth or the worst flooding southern Illinois has seen in decades. Suddenly, his hopes are disappearing faster than the dry roads around them, and Henry is faced with the terrible possibility that he might never reach his destination or safety. Will his growing desperation cost him and Natalie their lives?

Swallowed up in a watery world of danger-and death.

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