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Heart of a CowboyHave Dress Will Marry in Heart of a Cowboy
Novella Collection (Winged Publications)
ebook Heart of a Cowboy

Julie Hayes must escape from Wildcat Mountain. James, the schoolteacher whom she thought would be her means of escape, is gone. Her only hope is to approach the cowboy, saddleback preacher Timothy Sullivan, when he makes his circuit into Wildcat Mountain. She asks, “Will you marry me?” He says, “Yes, of course,” expecting to perform a ceremony for her and James. (Other authors: Miralee Ferrell, Carol Gift Page, Vicki McDonough)

A Gentleman's KissName that Tune in
A Gentleman’s Kiss
Novella Collection (Barbour)

Eva Alano not only plays the violin, she makes them. She’s thrilled when famed violinist Georgio Baldovino expresses an interest in more than just her work…but why can’t she shake that jokester, Jack Darren, from her thoughts? (Other authors: Ginny Aiken, Kristin Billerbeck, Lynn A. Coleman, Peggy Darty, Rebecca Germany, Bev Huston, Gail Sattler, Pamela Kaye Tracy)

The Reluctant BridesThe Reluctant Schoolmarm in
The Reluctant Brides
Novel Collection (Barbour)

Love comes as a surprise to six independent women of yesteryear. (Other authors: Rosey Dow, Cathy Marie Hake, Susannah Hayden, Colleen L. Reece, Janet Spaeth


The Knight's BrideThe Stranger’s Kiss
The Knights Bride
Novel Collection (Barbour)

Chivalry lives in six stories from the Middle Ages. (Other authors: Tracie Peterson (2), Dianne Christner, Pamela Griffin, Jill Stengl)